Information about Ovarian Cancer 




Ovarian Cancer used to be known as the “Silent Killer” because it was believed that there were no signs or symptoms of the disease. It was silent in other ways too. Whether it was cancer of the breast, uterus, ovaries or vagina… one simply didn’t talk about cancers that affected our private parts.


Risk Factors



A risk factor is anything that increases ones chance of getting a disease.  Most women with ovarian cancer do not have any risk factors. Even if you do have some of these risk factors, it doesn’t mean you will get the disease. It only means odds for getting the disease are greater. 

Types & Stages


Once diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the stage of a tumor can be determined during surgery, when the doctor can tell if the cancer has spread outside the ovaries. There are four stages of ovarian cancer - Stage I (early disease) to Stage IV (advanced disease). Your treatment plan and prognosis (the probable course and outcome of your disease) will be determined by the stage of cancer you have.



If you have ovarian cancer or if your doctors suspect you have it, you should be referred immediately to a Gynecologic Oncologist. 



Can Ovarian Cancer be Prevented? At present, there is no known method to prevent ovarian cancer, but some things appear to reduce a woman's risk of developing the disease. 



Ovarian cancer, even if detected early and highly responsive to treatment, will certainly put you out of work for months or longer. Read more about applying for Disability v. Social Security benefits. 

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